Apple Plumbing provides water line leak detection and water line repair in Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas.

Here’s why people choose Apple Plumbing for their water line leak detection, water line repair in Boise, Idaho:

“Apple Plumbing is reliable, punctual, courteous and fast!” –Sheryl Scott, Boise, Idaho (Verified customer)

Water line leak detection and water line repair in Boise, Idaho

Every home has a water line that delivers fresh water and every home is going to have a leak in their water line at some time.

This line may come from the city meter or from a well, or even from a community water system. This line is called a water service. Your water service may be made of copper, Galvanized Steel, Polyethylene, or PVC.

The average lifespan of water lines varies depending on the type of materials it is made of, its location and usage. Our plumbers have extensive experience locating waterline leaks and can advise you whether repair or replacement is necessary.

Should you choose to replace the water line (most commonly selected option), we can get this job done in quickly so you have the least amount of inconvenience possible. Also, we have the ability to install the new water line with minimal disruption to your landscape.