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Make your home a safer and easier place to carry out your daily routine.

Accessible Showers

If you or someone in your household has the need or desire for an accessible shower, you should consider installing one of our low-barrier showers to make your daily routine easier. Built without a threshold, or with a very low-threshold, accessible showers provided by Apple Plumbing & Bath are perfect for easy access and/or wheelchair use. Since 2015, we have been providing Southwest Idaho with bathroom remodeling solutions, so we are confident that we can help transform your home into a more accessible space. You can’t do a bathroom remodel without the skills of a remodeler and the technical expertise of a licensed plumber. You can have it all with one call to Apple Plumbing & Bath. No need to worry if your contractor is “winging” it with the plumbing. We employ Idaho licensed plumbers as part of our remodel team.

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Customizable Accessible Showers

Wherever you live in Southwest Idaho, you can come to Apple Plumbing & Bath for a customizable accessible shower. We understand that the shower needs to be safe and functional… but they can still be beautiful. Our designers work with you to help choose the right color, design, and add-ons to fit your needs, taste, and budget. In addition to customization options, you can enjoy the following advantages when you come to Apple Plumbing & Bath for your roll-in showers:

  • Accessibility: Our low-threshold or wheelchair accessible showers make your daily routine easier.
  • Independence: By making your daily routine more convenient with barrier-free showers, you and your loved ones can maintain your independence.
  • Affordability: While we already strive to offer affordable products, we also provide several attractive financing options to help you get your dream bathroom.
  • Increased Home Value: When you update your bathroom with a stylish and safe shower, you increase the value of your home.
  • Easy Cleaning: Our showers resist mold growth and are non-porous, so they are incredibly easy to keep clean.

H.I.S.A. Grant experience!

H.I.S.A. stands for Home Improvement and Structural Alterations and is a benefit for veterans that allows a grant (not a loan) of up to $6,800 for modifications because of varying degrees of disability. This wonderful program is administered by the Veteran’s Administration. If you are a veteran that needs some modifications to your bathroom then we can help guide you through the process.

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Don’t delay your bathroom remodeling project anymore. Contact Apple Plumbing & Bath today to find out more about our roll-in showers and other products and services. We encourage you to call us or fill out our online form to request a free quote today!

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