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Drain and sewer line excavation

Our licensed plumbers can take care of any clogged drain issue you may be experiencing.

There are two primary drain systems in your home. The “main line”, or main sewer line, and the secondary drains (sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, etc).

Clearing a secondary drain is a common task our plumbers perform daily. We have the tools and equipment to clear any clogs in any secondary drain. We always take great care to protect your home and we will clean up to the point you would never know we were there.

The main sewer line is one of the most problematic drains in your home because all of your drains lead there. If it becomes clogged, it may cause water to seep out of your other drains or for all the drains to drain slow.

Most modern homes have an access called a cleanout located just outside the house. This allows our plumbers to use their specialized equipment to clear your main line from the outside. This is always the best option. Once the main line is clear we will perform a sewer line camera inspection to see if there is a bigger problem lurking. Our expert technicians can see potential problems, obvious cracks and breaks or, in most cases, certify that your main line is good to go.

If you happen to be on a septic tank we can unclog the line between the house and the tank. If your home has a sewage ejection pump, we can handle that as well. From pulling the pump for service to a full replacement of your sewage pump or grinder pump.

Sometimes a main sewer line is damaged to the point that part of it may need to be replaced or the entire sewer line needs replaced. That is unfortunate of course. However, once replaced you can be confident that your sewer line will be operational for decades and beyond. We have the expertise and equipment to complete a replacement the right way and with the required permits and city inspections.

Apple plumber cleaning main line

Apple plumber cleaning drain under sink