Emmett, Idaho – The Gem of Gem County

Emmett, Idaho, in what is commonly called “The Valley of Plenty” is the only city in Gem County and roughly 30 miles from Boise. While Emmett has grown like the rest of Idaho, it has managed to keep its small-town feel and charm. In Emmett, you can expect a very safe community where neighbors still know one another and most of the businesses are still local and family owned.

Emmett is known for is its cherries. Its orchards grow millions of cherries per year, and they celebrate the cherry harvest in June with the Emmett Cherry Festival. Over 50,000 people come to Emmett for the festival, which is a lot considering the entire town has a little over 7,000 residents.

Emmett also has a very active classic car community. It’s difficult to move around town without seeing several older vehicles. The car owners like to frequently come together and have two major events per year that anyone with an older car can join.

A scary thing about Emmett is Freezeout Hill, the only way in and out of Emmett. It’s a two-lane road with a very steep drop into Emmett’s valley. It can be very dangerous when it ices up in the wintertime. Freezeout Hill got its name from pioneers who got stuck at the top of the hill in the middle of the winter.

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